VIP 1:1 Coaching

We are empowered to show women who have experienced toxic relationships, tough break ups, emotional abuse how to reclaim their confidence and power and to learn how to start dating again – but this time to find the right one


Why work with me?

I have been where you are right now. I have been in relationships that have been toxic and abusive, I have been cheated on, been in relationships with men who are emotionally unavailable, men who don’t want to commit and I completely understand how frustrating that can be!

Since then, I have become NLP certified, certified as a Life Coach Practitioner and a Hypnotherapy Practitioner and delved into studying the psychology around dating and relationships.

This has been such a game changer in my love life and I am lucky enough to help so many women with their love lives too!

This programme is for women, so that they can have a healthy loving relationship in the future after abusive/toxic relationships & heartbreaks. This is so important to my clients as they no longer want to be at risk of jumping into toxic or abusive relationships, be with someone who does not commit or someone that cheats. Those relationships are confidence breaking, soul destroying and most women lose themselves in those relationships – let alone the stress and anxiety and the mental & emotional turmoil that it puts them through!

Plus the time that is WASTES!

I work to give my clients the opportunity to have a healthy, committed and loving relationship and it gives them the freedom to enjoy the romance and dating on the journey there. Life is so much happier when we have someone to share it with.

How do you currently feel about Love?

  • Like you always attract the wrong one?
  • That you haven’t fully let go of the past
  • Fed up of dating
  • Scared of letting yourself fall in love again
  • You give too much with little in return
  • You lost yourself or tend to loose yourself in relationships
  • Unable to find that spark
  • Lack the confidence to date

What my Clients get out of the VIP 1:1 Coaching

  • Increased confidence
  • Understanding of the toxic warning signs
  • Enjoy dating again
  • Love life again
  • Understanding what their needs are
  • Know how to put themselves first
  • Have freedom, love and contentment in relationships
  • Have a more fulfilling life
  • Have an awesome LOVE life!
  • Have the power to be FULLY themselves

I work with women

  • Who are truly ready to move forward
  • That want a healthy committed relationship
  • Are ready to release the past
  • Who are keen to learn and to be coached

If you are ready for a committed, loving & healthy relationship, are fed up of wasting your time with the wrong ones and are ready to learn how to attract the right ones into your life – book your free call below