“I came across Phoenix randomly on Facebook. At the time I wasn’t sure until I had the free 30 mins consultation over the phone.  As me and Lily spoke I began to realise she understood where I was in life and what strategies I required to help me move forward in life.

Finding an NLP practitioner that is relatable was crucial for me. The four weeks have been phenomenal and valuable. I rediscovered myself with the different activities Lily sent daily. I also liked the fact Lily was reachable throughout the 4 weeks. It’s important to be honest and truthful about the answers inorder for NLP to work.

I would recommend Lily and I’m hard to please. “

N, England

“I’m so thankful for you Lily, I’m thankful for modern technology giving me the option to presume this process on my own terms and faith brought us together and I will be forever grateful.

My boundaries have come down in such a way that I can’t even explain in words sometimes, my ability to communicate with someone flows so much easier, whether it’s work or personal, It’s magnificent to witness at times and the compliments I get about my new outlook on life are being exhibited at work also don’t go unnoticed.

It’s just been so rewarding to feel, see and hear for me. To feel myself slowly come out of my shell and actually start enjoying life is the greatest gift I could give myself and I can’t say it enough, you are my guardian angel! You came to me at the right time and I believe it was destiny. I prayed for help for months and I was heard. Thank you!”

Anon, Canada

“I can’t express how thankful I am for your kind words, your support through the hardest, roughest part of my growth and for just being there, picking apart my emotions and helping me sort through them one by one. It is truly unbelievable to see how far I’ve come on just a few short weeks and I did it!

Life has definitely changed significantly for me and in the best possible way, to love life again was something I wasn’t sure could happen, to feel that much pain deep down, like it seemed absolutely impossible to come out alive, to feeling the way I do now is remarkable! I couldn’t have done it without you Lily, I have such a passion for life, to be happy and just live my life for me.”

Anon, Canada

“Thanks you so much for the support you have given me. I never realised how toxic my old relationships actually were – now being in a loving and supportive relationship my heart just feels like it’s about to burst!

I really didn’t think that this was truly possible to firstly love this deeply and secondly to be loved deeply in return, I know for a fact that I would never have got to this place without you, I am so grateful for you – thank you”

Anon, UK

“Just wanted to say a massive thanks for the last month’s programme. I started the programme feeling flat and lost and although I really wanted to meet someone didn’t feel that I would or I deserved that love that I wanted. After a month of lots of questions and chat, daily tasks I feel like a different woman.

My self worth and confidence are better than they have been and now I am looking forward to meeting the one and know what that looks like and what I deserve! Recommend to anyone who is thinking about it to invest in this and yourself. Thanks again!”

Anon, Belfast

“I don’t believe people in this life come to you by accident, and meeting Lily and discovering her fabulous Phoenix Academy was certainly meant to be.

Having endured a very difficult 4 years of my life, although I am seeing a chink of light on the horizon, I knew I needed that final step in getting myself back on track with my feelings about letting go of a past relationship.

After completing week one, I already have a greater understanding of why I have not been able to let go so far and feel so comforted by Lily’s support in my journey. I am looking forward to the next 3 weeks. Thanks so much Lily.”

Anon, UK

“When I saw Lily’s service advertised on Facebook I was in a very sad place and was a bit lost, desperately trying to find answers about how to move forward after a relationship ending on New Years Eve.  I have been so surprised about how quickly my world has turned around in only 4 weeks!!!  My confidence has improved so much as well as my self-worth and self-esteem and I don’t think I’ve ever really felt this happy and confident and positive before.

I feel excited about the future now and in a really good place, even excited about dating again!  Lily used such an interesting and varied mixture of tasks and techniques to help, including the hypnotherapy and calls and daily emails with discussion and tasks and videos, in really digestible chunks and was so supportive all the way along.

There wasn’t a question or block that Lily didn’t have the answer to or the guidance there for me to work it out!  I felt better so early on and this just built and built and it was really fun too!   Thank you Lily for a great 4 weeks, I’ve learnt so much!”

Anon, UK

“I signed up to my 4 week coaching program in January and must say that I found Lily so approachable and easy to get along with. Her training really had me thinking and questioning my beliefs and defence mechanisms which  I was using to stay single. After four weeks being coached with Lily, we worked through my underlying issues with men from my childhood, got in touch with my inner child and went through some hypnotherapy which released me from my self imposed defences.

I feel that I am now open to a relationship, have confidence and trust in my ability to feel whether someone is right for me or not and feel confident to walk away from any situation (without questioning myself) that does not feel right. Lily is a legend.”

Anon, New Zealand