My Story


I believe in the power of our minds, why? Because thanks to my mind, I have such an amazing life right now. A life that is enriched with love, excitement, passion, ambition, growth – I could go on and on and on. It wasn’t always like this though…

2017 was a pivotal year for me. Every little bit of my life changed and it was all beyond my control. My partner left me unexpectedly, I moved house, moved cities, left my job with nothing to go to – every bit of comfort of my old life had gone.

It was time to start again. It was time to understand what I needed. It was time to understand fully who I am. It was time to understand what I wanted my life to represent. It was time to show the world the real, authentic me.

The authentic me – now, it’s interesting as lots of people have a reasonable understanding of who they are. But, do they understand why sometimes they don’t feel as proud as they should do over certain events, or why sometimes people or situations can make them upset, uncomfortable or annoyed? I’ll get to that bit in a moment.

I dedicated my time to self development, learning psychology to gain a deeper understanding of myself. I decided to see a life coach too, for further insight. I got to a stage where I made a lot of improvement in a short space of time, I had found a new job that was a step up in my career as a Divisional Accountant, I lost weight, I had passed 3.5hr accounting exams but after all this, I still wondered “Is this all there is?”.  I couldn’t figure out that why I had made all this change in my life and I still felt empty and unfulfilled.

Fast forward a few months into my journey and I had found NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming.  I am someone who is very logical and analytical and NLP had spiked a huge curiosity in me after a friend of mine spoke to me about the NLP process to remove an addiction, using chocolate as an example. It was only a 5 minute chat and I didn’t believe that anything like that could work, how could a process that quick remove something as strong as an addiction! The next day I did my usual lunchtime routine – bought a salad and went to go and get my daily chocolate bar but I walked right past the chocolate aisle, ignored the chocolate by the checkout – the need for it had disappeared…….how?


This led me to become an NLP practitioner and life coach. Through my training I learnt about me. Who I am. What my needs are. How to communicate effectively. How to help people. How to remove anxiety, stress, phobias, emotional blockages – the list goes on.

I then fell in love with the power of NLP, the understanding that its given to me. I went on and created my company The New Life Academy International Ltd, followed soon after by the Phoenix Programme, helping women find themselves and rebuild their lives following broken relationships. This was all within a year of the break up.

After all this I can now explain to people why like me, they can make so much progress in their lives and say the words “Is this all there is?”. My realisation was when a friend asked me why I enjoy working so much – “is it to make more money?”, I said “no, it’s to make a difference”.

You can make the biggest difference when you are the most authentic version of yourself. When you are fully immersed in being you, that’s when life feels most fulfilled. When situations or people make you feel uncomfortable or upset – it’s usually because they have affected the authentic you – they have pushed you slightly out of line. Someone has hurt you, its not inline with you and who you are. Sometimes we make ourselves do things that don’t feel right, but we do it to keep others happy rather than put ourselves first. It stops us from saying our beliefs or taking action on what we want to do- sometimes we stop ourselves from being authentic. It puts the brakes on feeling fulfilled.

I believe by using the power of our minds and being authentic, you can create a life that you desire, a life that is inline with you and who you are and your beliefs. That is when you will feel empowered, fulfilled and enlightened. You can show the world the real authentic you. I am proud to say that my life is dedicated to teaching people exactly how to do that. I would have never had this opportunity if I hadn’t learnt how to use my mind properly. I would have still been unsatisfied with my life. I believe that it is my duty in life to make a difference and help others learn how to also get the life that they desire and deserve that makes them feel fulfilled and gives them the power to be authentic.

If you had the chance to start your life from scratch again, what would you do?